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Welcome to Oriel Academy

At Oriel, we nurture our students through their early years to ensure that they have positive, fulfilling and inclusive experiences whilst with us. We are an Ofsted ‘Good’ school with a number of features judged as ‘Outstanding’. Oriel champions the Aspirations 3 Guiding Principles: self-worth, purpose and engagement. Our students demonstrate a love for learning in every classroom and a determination to achieve their dreams. We harness a supportive culture that allows children to thrive and reach their full academic potential during their journey with us.

About our academy

Our school community

Friendship and acceptance are at the heart of Oriel Academy. We pride ourselves on being a culturally diverse school which represents the community that we serve. Individuality is encouraged and we are inspired by every student’s uniqueness. At Oriel, we celebrate cultures around the world, and our ‘language of the month’ event promotes diversity and inclusivity. Students with English as an Additional Language (EAL) are given specialised and focused support that enables them to outperform national averages and flourish academically. In 2019, 77% of our EAL students achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and maths combined, compared to 65% of students nationally.

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Education for Success

At Oriel Academy, we combine traditional learning with the skills students need to thrive in the 21st century. The No Limits curriculum, unique to Aspirations Academies Trust, equips our students with the knowledge needed to excel academically and the Aspirations 11 Future Skills prepare our students for life beyond Oriel. The academic prowess of gifted and talented students is nurtured at Oriel and several have gone on to pass the 11+ entrance exam to gain places at the prestigious Tiffin school. Our Creator Space and facilities such as 3D printers and Chromebooks offer students technology-rich experiences to engage in. Students leave Oriel in Year 6 prepared for life in the 21st century with the relevant knowledge and skills needed to thrive in their futures.

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Trips, Visitors & Experiences

At Oriel, we aim to build a spirit of adventure within all of our students. Whether it be through thrilling educational trips, unique visiting speakers or stimulating extra-curricular activities, our students experience new and engaging opportunities whilst with us. From forging Saxon jewellery with a blacksmith to interactive science workshops, students at Oriel have the prospect to explore new passions like never before.

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Oriel Purpose, Vision and Values

At Oriel Academy, we encourage our children to dream; we work in partnership with our community so that our children believe they can achieve. Our school is a hub within a diverse community; our children arrive here every day and bring a variety of traits, attitudes and ideas.

This diversity is our strength.

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