On Wednesday 20th June, Oriel's Key Stage 2 choir took part in the Hounslow Music Service Summer Singing Festival 2018 at Hammersmith Town Hall. Nineteen excited young people set off at 2pm from school. We
were complimented on our journey as everyone behaved as they travelled on the bus and tube.
We arrived at about 3pm and a little while later rehearsals began. We, along with the choirs from nine other schools, took to the stage. After the rehearsal we had some time to eat our tea and relax before the big event. 
At just before 7pm, the choirs paraded onto the stage and the concert began. Our choir did us proud for the whole evening. They sang beautifully and with feeling, they remembered the actions and sat quietly when it was not their turn to sing. Isaaq and Tariq even took part in a small boys’ chorus for one song.
In between our singing we were treated to the amazing Hounslow Youth Concert Band. They had us rocking in the aisles! At the end of the evening, Oonagh Barry, CEO of the Hounslow Music Service, gave flowers to the main organisers and for a second year running, she asked an Oriel Academy child to help her. This year it was Aisha, who was there to see her sister Maddy, an ex-pupil of Oriel, playing in the Band. Everyone in the choir had a very enjoyable evening and she should all feel extremely proud of themselves.

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