School Watch

All the Schools in the area operate a School Watch system.  This means that if there is any suspicious activity in the local area, all schools will be notified.  Please note that we will display details here on our website when these notifications are received.
School Watch Alerts:
SCHOOL: Isleworth Town Primary School
DATE/TIME: 21/09/2018 8.40am
LOCATION: Twickenham Road, between Leisure centre & war memorial
Gender: Female, Age: not sure, Height: Short, Build: Obese, Skin: Asian/Mixed Race, Hair: Black in a Curly bun, Jumper: Colourful checked cardigan/ Long,  BAG/UMBRELLA/ITEMS: Walking stick and bag (did not need to use stick just carried it)
2 Y6 girls were walking to school, they were approaching the bus stop by the Isleworth Leisure Centre and a lady was at bus stop talking to a boy, the girls thought she was waiting for a bus. As they got closer, the woman starting pointing at them, then the lady started walking fast towards them. The girls then ran and the lady followed them, she was slower as she was quite large but short. She didn’t say anything to them but kept chasing them, they managed to lose her at Isleworth war memorial. The girls were a bit shook up by this experience and reported it to the Headteacher. Police have been informed.

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