School Gateway- Cashless System

Dear Parents/Carers,

Re: Schoolcomms

We previously wrote to you informing you of our new cashless system. This new system allows you to make payments on-line.

We are now fully up and running and need all parents to download the ‘School Gateway’ app onto their phones. The app is free and is available via your app store for both iPhone and Android devices.

The benefit of using the app is that you can make all payments on-line via your phone, this includes dinner money, school trips and events. When you make payments for trips you can also sign the permission slip at the same time which also reduces paper.

The desktop url is   

There will be teething problems as we start to move forward with this and I ask that you are patient with us but in order to ensure we have the correct information for you and reduce the errors with phone numbers and email addresses can you update us if you change any of your contact information.

If you need any support or help in downloading the app or using the app please come into the office and speak to me.

Or email

Yours faithfully,


Mrs D Jackson

School Business Manager 

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