Provision 2013-14

In 2011-12 Oriel Primary School received £60,512 (124 pupils) for Pupil Premium, in 2012-13 £98,000 (149 pupils) and in 2013-14 £166,775 (175 pupils) (although this last figure is spread over part of a traditional school year and our new accademy finacial year post convertion).

Other funding was added to this to ensure that we could support more of our most disadvantaged pupils.
This table provides a summary of the intervention and support strategies that were put in place to support disadvantaged students.


What this does?

Targeted Pupils


One to one tuition

This is where an individual student is removed from their class and given intensive support, for short, regular sessions (about 30 mins, 3-5 times a week) over a set period of time (6-12 weeks), it includes support for children with English’s an additional Language, reading Recovery, Maths Recovery. This frees up class teacher time to work with other children.

All Years


Additional Teacher time

Teaching support in Y1, 2, 5 and Y6 for Numeracy and Literacy Sets.

Yr 1, 2, 5 and 6


Additional Teaching Assistant Support

Support in class for all year groups from trained Teaching Assistant, supporting reading, maths and literacy targeting Pupil Premium Children.

All Years


Phonics groups

YrN to Yr3, staffing costs and additional resources

Yr N, 1, 2 and 3


Intervention Groups

Focused small group interventions targeted to meet specific identified need

All Years


Additional Curriculum resources

Rapid Maths / Rapid Writers

All Years


Nurture Group

Some of our students find it extremely difficult to engage appropriately in the classroom and the nurture group provides them with the appropriate social skills need to access the curriculum and to cope in class and on the playground. This group is exclusively made up of Pupil Premium Children

YR, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6


1:1 behaviour support

1:1 support for particularly vulnerable students for behaviour

Y2, 3


Mentoring / Pupil Conferencing

Specifically trained staff who mentor children and work with them to develop their self esteem and work habits. / Release to enable the class teacher to work with small groups or 1:1 to help children develop targets and next steps.

All Years


Attendance Support

Support from the AAT’s attendance officer to work with families and children whose academic progress is impacted by poor attendance.

All Years


Reading support

Traing for Additional Volunteer Reader from the charity VHR

Yr 4 and 5


Financial Support

We offer some limited financial support to students of low income families for uniform, school journey, curriculum based visits, music lessons and equipment.

 All year groups


Extra curricular subsidy

Limited support to enable PP children to access clubs, trips, performers in school, workshops and visits across the school. All Years.

All Years


Family group Family Group – Matched funded Family Therapy. Work with SFW to recruit up to eight “disadvantaged” families to participate in Family Group.  In this context, “disadvantaged” children will be “failing” at school (ie at risk of exclusion, poor attendance, unsatisfactory attainment etc) and their families are highly likely to be struggling with a range of challenges such as poverty, mental health issues, domestic violence and/or language/cultural difficulties. Impacting on 20 children. All Years £9000
Let’s Get Ready Group Joint group run with Crane Park Children’s Centre at the HAY for parents whose children will be joining the school nursery to prepare children and parents for nursery and facilitate early identification of SEN- attended by 16 families in 2013 EYFS £1000
1st class @number Specialist maths intervention lead by a HLTA working with lowest attaining children in year to enable them to access mainstream teaching- working with 4 children per half term 2 to 4 £3200
Challenge the gap Focused programme run in partnership with FFC to promote accelerated progress and parents engagement for pupils with pupil premium( 15 children) Yr 4 £6650
River Reading Project Joint project with RAWL to promote progress in reading and pupil engagement through shared reading with and mentoring from Y7 and 8 pupils for Y5 boys with pupil premium (8 children) Yr 5 £2500
Forest Schools Focused intervention to build confidence and independence through outdoors activities which allow children to take risks within a safe environment. All £1000
Family Literacy / maths Groups Courses run by Family Learning to support parents to be able to work with their children to support their learning. Autumn course was for maths for 6 families. Literacy course for the summer. The courses are free, but the school provides a crèche to enable access. (7 children) All £850
Level 6 literacy and Numeracy boosters from Rivers To provide boosters to enable pupils to attain level 6 at the end of Key Stage 2 (12 children for each subject) Yr 6


Subsided places at After school club To provided stability and support, including an evening meal, a safe place to play and a place to do homework, for children and families at particular points of crisis. (4 children) All £1000
Holiday School During the Spring half term and Easter holiday, the school will run a 2-3 holiday school to support learning and boost achievement   £2000
EAL support To provide support to children with English as an additional language to enable them to develop their skills in English to match those in their home language (62 child fall into this group, though not all of received support in this way) All £6000


Please note, that funding beyond that indicated was also used to support these activities