Sports Premium 2014_15 Plan


Identified Key Focus for 2014_15

  • Teacher confidence in some curriculum areas, understanding how to teach specific skills, some potential weaknesses in gymnastics / dance teaching
  • After School / Holidays - Range of after school clubs for PE is small, increase to include more specialist /new sports
  • Specific groups of pupils - Girls particularly in KS2 seem to be disillusioned with competition and not as enthusiastic as boys


The following continue to be a focus for the second year:

  • teachers’ lack of detailed subject knowledge is variable, with gymnastics and dance needing a whole school focus other aspects needing a 1:1 or targeted CPD focus*
  • no strategy to improve the health and well-being of all pupils;*
  • not all pupils could swim 25 metres unaided by the end of Key Stage 2.*


Sports Premium 2014_15 – how we plan to spend it

In 2014_15 we will be: 

Primary PE and Sports Funding used for:

Amount Allocated (£):

Brief summary of the intervention or action, including details of year groups and pupils involved, and the timescale.

What will it achieve if successful? How will success be evidenced? How will this activity be monitored, when and by whom?  


CPD To improve the quality of teaching


PE co-ordinators to attend PE course to help with planning and assessment of PE using the new curriculum


Additional training for the P.E. Leaders in areas such as BUPA Start to Move for Key Stage 1 and Top Sport in Key Stage 2. Training provided in planning leadings to an improvement in the proportion of lessons in P.E. judged to be good or outstanding. 1:1 support for class teachers.

Buying into Local Partnership events which allowed us to compete with other schools these include running, football, tennis and rugby as well as athletic events

£150 sub per year  plus any additional costs

To increase participation in a range of different sports.


Funding enabled the school to travel and participate in a range of competitions organised by the FPSSA.


Use of PE self-assessment audit to identify strengths and areas for improvement



To understand the strengths and weaknesses of all staff in teaching PE

Monitoring of assessment & levels

Improved confidence in staff

Improved quality of teaching

Improving levels & progress of pupil

Employing a PE specialist teacher one day a week to work with pupils, run clubs and train teachers


Use Chris Baxter (formerly of London Broncos) to deliver high quality lessons and after school club in KS2 classes

Improve teaching for NQTs and class teachers in curriculum areas with outlined weaknesses.

Develop confidence of children via teaching by a specialist coach.

Delivering training sessions for newly qualified staff, our PE co-ordinators and putting on specialist training for Early Years Staff.



INSET to be delivered by co-ordinators in Autumn 2014

CPD: All teachers have a detailed subject knowledge of the PE relevant to their year group and can deliver Good+ lessons




Developing our Sports Week and Sports Day events.




Monitoring by PE co-ordinators and SLT

To ensure physical fitness is promoted across the curriculum and by all staff




Ensure parents and pupils know how we spend PE and Sports Funding and its impact


Publish sports premium report on website and inform parents when they attend sports week in summer 2015


Using Sport Premium money to help us lease a mini-bus in order to support our increased participation.


As some fixtures are a distance to travel or unsuitable for public transport travel, PE co-ordinator to use Hounslow Depot minibus of Rivers Academy minibus for these fixtures.

Increased participation of A, G and T children in sporting events and fixtures.

All pupils can swim 25m by end of KS2




Put in place strategy to improve the health and well-being of all pupils


Attend Change for Life course

Resources, ideas for deliverers to run a C4L club in school