Pupil Premium 2015_16 Plan


This table provides a summary of the intervention and support strategies that ARE BEING put in place to support disadvantaged students in 2015_16.

We are awaiting final confrmation on our funding for this year - this plan will be adjusted once this figure has been recieved. 


Pupil Premium used for:

Amount allocated to the intervention


Is this a new or continued activity /cost centre?

Brief summary of the intervention or action, including details of year groups and pupils involved, and the timescale. What will it achieve if successful? All interventions will be monitored half termly.

Specific intended outcomes: how will this intervention or action improve achievement for pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium?

Intended impact: What will the action or activity actually achieve?

One to one tuition - ECAR



Intensive support, for short, regular sessions for Reading Recovery (about 30 mins, 3-5 times a week) over a set period of time (6-12 weeks). Focus PP - White British or EAL

Raise attainment in core areas, to provide pupils with basic skills to enable them to achieve in line with their peers.

All pupils identified for this intervention make significantly accelerated progress – 2 years+ in 20 weeks.

One to One and small group work.



Intensive support, for short, regular sessions for English as an Additional Language pupils. (EAL) Small focused group and 1:1 work. Support is across year groups. Particular focus on maths and Reading.

Highly targeted skills based interventions

Pupils make at least expected progress and the majority at KS 1 and KS 2 achieve national expectation.

Additional Teacher time for groups.



Teaching support for groups in Y2, 4, 5 and Y6 for maths, reading and comprehension.

Smaller class sizes, enable setting and targeted intervention.

Good levels of progress seen across the school.

3 teacher model in Yr 6, 5 and 3



Additional teacher for Year 3, 5 and 6 to enable targeted intervention, precision teaching smaller group sizes to enable accelerated progress for individuals and groups.

Smaller class sizes, enable setting and targeted intervention

KS2 results above national and all other year groups making better than expected progress. Reduction in teacher sickness and supply costs.   

Additional TA Support –KS2 – specific interventions and Sen targeted support in KS1 and EYFS to meet increasing needs.  



Support in class for all year groups from trained Teaching Assistant, supporting reading and maths – highly targeted interventions including phonics and spelling 1:1 reading. All Years in KS2 Accelerated progress for targeted individuals and groups. In EYFS and we have a significant increase in pupils with high levels of need (multiple inc. ASD) 3 with statements additional support has been put in place.  

Teacher directed in class support.


SENCO and VP to monitor all interventions – SMART targets in place

Pupils with Sen make accelerated progress other make at least expected and are not affected by high levels of need.




Train a member of staff and introduce GROW – S2 Reading Recovery.

Highly targeted skills based interventions.

Reading interventions in KS2 more effective – accelerated progress.

First Class at Number Teaching Assistant led Intervention Groups – KS1



Focused small group interventions targeted to meet specific identified maths and reading need. All KS1. – Part of the ECC Initiative.

Highly targeted skills based interventions.

Progress and attainment in maths in year 2 and 3 increased.

Nurture Group



Reduced sessions 3x afternoons per week focused on Infants. In class support for graduates from last year.

Prepare children to return to mainstream classroom. Reduced exclusions.

Pupils graduated back to mainstream successfully.

Barriers to learning Interventions



Staff who mentor children and work with them to develop their self esteem and work habits. Small group or 1:1 work All year groups.  With particular focus on identified children in Year 3 to 4 looking at number correspondence (counting), models of number, place value, number lines.

Readiness for learning.

Progress across KS2 good tracking shows effective impact of this strategy.

Reduced exclusions, improved attendance.

Boosters  - Yr 4, 5 and 6



Small group boosters in Yr 6 from Autumn term to accelerate pupil progress and increase attainment. Narrow the gap.

To provide pupils with basic skills to enable them to achieve in line with their peers.

Key pupils make accelerated progress in reading and maths

Attendance Support



Support from the school’s attendance officer to work with families and children whose academic progress is impacted by poor attendance. All Years. There has been a reduction in LA EWO support – more now needs to be done in house – focus particularly on White British / PP.

Improved attendance.

PA figure moved to 90% - school meets this change and attendance improves to 96% 

Financial Support – enrichment activities



We offer some limited financial support to students of low income families for uniform, school journey, music lessons and equipment. All year groups to enable them to access the broader curriculum. Limited support to enable FSM children to access clubs, trips, performers in school, workshops and visits across the school. All Years. 

School uniform and to ‘fit in’, improves behaviour and buy in Enables pupils to access trips. Enhance children’s life experiences.

Increased attendance.

Pupil voice survey for this group shows improved attitude to school compared to 2014_15.

Family and pupil welfare



Support for our disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils and families. Targeting white British particularly through coaching and mentoring – use of MAAP.

Families and children are supported to improve resilience.

Personalised targets met

Dedicated Leadership time



Dedicated leadership time to focus on Pupil Premium monitoring,, maintaining a pupil premium register, attending PPM.

Rigorous monitoring of interventions. Focus on Pupil Premium children.

GAP closing in all year groups.

Gifted and Talented Provision



Enrichment activities for Able, Gifted and Talented Pupils who are eligible for pupil premium.  Shine project. Rivers project.

Enhance children’s life experiences

Pupils identified as HAPs and disadvantaged supported throughout the year and levels of pupils achieving above national expectation at KS2, EYFS and Phonics and KS1 increase.

Holiday Academy



Narrow the gap in progress and attainment for pupils in Yr 6 during all breaks – focused on PP pupils.

Raise attainment in core areas, to provide pupils with basic skills to enable them to achieve in line with their peers.

Provide an extra 12 days of school for this group across the year and ensure we were above national floor targets.