Dream, believe, achieve! Student secures place at Tiffin Girls’ School

She is only 11-years-old but has the ability to complete a maths investigation designed to challenge 14 to 16-year-olds with flying colours.

Khyati Jaisi’s academic prowess doesn’t end there. The moving monologue she penned from the perspective of Mother Earth left her Year 6 class teacher Debbie Carter in no doubt ‘’she is extremely talented.’’

The Oriel Academy student is now one step closer to achieving her goal to becoming a neurosurgeon after earning her place at The Tiffin Girls’ School.

Khyati applied to the prestigious grammar school earlier this year, after successfully completing her 11+ entrance exam thanks to the tutoring and support from staff at Oriel.

The youngster will start in Year 7 this September after eight years at Oriel.

Khyati and her family are the first to pay thanks to Oriel Academy for nurturing her academic ability and encouraging her to chase her dreams.

Rajesh, Khyati’s father, said: “Oriel is a second home to Khyati. The school has played a pivotal part in her development.

“Khyati has a friendly and vibrant personality which the school has helped nurture.

“Luckily, all her teachers helped her on this journey and she is at this stage now because of them.”

Khyati Jaisi, 11-years-old.

Since joining Oriel Academy in Nursery, Khyati’s love for learning has. Oriel has nurtured Khyati’s talent by challenging her to push herself academically and offering thrilling extra-curricular activities.

Debbie Carter, Khyati’s Year 6 class teacher, said: “At the beginning of Year 6, Khayti wrote a monologue in class from the perspective of Mother Earth. After reading this incredible piece of writing, I knew she was extremely talented.

“Khyati is a dream Oriel pupil. She always gives 100% effort and engagement and is really keen to learn no matter what. Whether it be maths, writing or science, she strives to improve each day.

“In maths specifically – her favourite subject – she always completes the higher level task to a phenomenal standard. I often then challenge her with a maths investigation to carry out in addition to this. An investigation she completed recently was for 14-16 year olds!”

Mrs Carter added: “Not only is Khyati a phenomenal learner, she’s a fantastic teacher. She’s always willing to help her classmates when they need it, and having the chance to do so has really helped develop her communication skills.”

Khyati working with Mrs Carter.

Khyati has been no stranger to Oriel Academy’s vast array of extra-curricular activities throughout her school life too. From the school choir to tag rugby, Khyati has had the chance to develop all aspects of her talent.

Khyati said: “My teachers at Oriel have always pushed me to challenge myself which has helped me secure my place at Tiffin Girls’ School.

“For me, the school work doesn’t stop at school. I always do my homework as soon as I come home and prepare for the next day.

“Already having this routine really helped me when it came to studying for the 11+ entrance exams, as I was already used to working at home anyway.”

Khyati’s success wouldn’t be possible without the support she receives at home. Khayti’s family encourage her to continue learning after school by offering their help and praise, particularly when preparing for her 11+ entrance exam.

“I would come home and study with my dad and my brother. My brother also did the 11+ entrance exam for his secondary school a few years ago, so he’s been really supportive in helping me study”, Khyati added.

Khyati’s father said: “Khyati worked really hard in the evenings to get ready for her entrance exam.

“We went through past papers together to get her ready. I clarified her doubts and made sure to always praise her for her efforts.”

Khyati hopes that her admission to Tiffin Girls’ School will bring her one step closer to achieving her dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. Khyati revealed: “I’ve always had a passion for maths and science and I really like helping people.

“Being a neurosurgeon involves a very precise and critical practice of these two subjects.

“I hope that going to Tiffin Girls’ School will allow me to develop my knowledge and skills of the subjects further so that I can one day be a neurosurgeon.”

Khyati’s family are incredibly proud of the youngster’s success so far and cannot wait to watch her excel at The Tiffin Girls’ School. Khyati’s father explained: “I am very proud of Kyhati. She is a very hardworking and dedicated child.”

Staff at Oriel Academy have loved watching Khyati succeed during her 8 years at the school. Mrs Carter revealed: “Everyone at Oriel is so proud of Khyati. She has worked so hard to get here and we’re all thrilled for her! She will be missed in September.”

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