Governance Statement for Oriel Academy

Details of governance to be posted on academy website

The governance of Oriel Academy is undertaken through the governance framework of the Aspirations Academies Trust. 

Local governance is through Aspirations’ West London Regional Board and therefore the Chair of the Regional Board, Mandy Lancy, is the Academy’s Chair of Governors.

The Regional Board operates as part of a broader framework of governance within the Trust and further details of this are available from the following link:

In addition to the formal governance framework, Oriel Academy has a local advisory forum. While it is not part of the governance of the Academy, the forum provides a means for its members to gain a better understanding of the functioning of the Academy and identify matters they would like to have considered by the Regional Board.

This forum is currently in the form of the Local Advisory Board (LAB) but from September 2020 the Academy’s LAB will be replaced by a new body, the Community Advisory Group (CAG). The Community Advisory Board will be formed mainly from parents of pupils at the Academy and may be supplemented by members from the wider community, co-opted by the Principal