School Watch


All the Schools in the area operate a School Watch system. This means that if there is any suspicious activity in the local area, all schools will be notified. Please note that we will display details here on our website when these notifications are received.

Date: 30/05/2024

Date & Time: 22/05/2024

Location: Near Kingsley Academy.

Description of person: A woman described as white, 5’5 tall, average build, brown hair, in her mid 40s, wearing beige trousers, a black t shirt and a beige coat.

Brief description of the incident: A woman entered the school site and addressed staff at main reception. She stated that she would like to talk to the children and would be in the High Street after school. She was advised that she should leave, but when someone opened the door from inside school, she held the door and attempted to engage with passing children. She was told to leave and was escorted off site by a senior member of staff.

The incident has been reported to the school’s community police officer.

Date & Time: 14/05/2024 – 8:00am

Location: Oriel Academy – just outside the school gates on the driveway.

A black man with an African accent, aged approximately in his 40s, of average build with a bald head. He wore a grey tracksuit with black and white trainers.

Brief Details of Incident:

Approached a student and asked ‘where’s your fat friend’ He was kissing his teeth. Flailing his arms around.

Date & Time: 15/12/23 – 15:15pm

Location: Norwood Green Junior School – North Hyde Lane/Thorncliffe Road, Southall

A white man, aged approximately in his mid-twenties, with short dark hair. He wore plain clothing and was seen in and around a white van with colourful patterns.

Brief Details of Incident:

A man matching the above description was slowly and deliberately filming the children playing on our playground at lunchtime. He walked along North Hyde Lane and where the hedge obscures the view from the street he crossed the road and walked off southwards on North Hyde Lane.

Date & Time: 14/12/23 – 15:15pm

Location: Cardinal Road Infant and Nursery School

Description of person: 

A man, aged between 35-40, with blue eyes and wearing a blue north face jacket with red signage, blue jeans, and red flip flops.

Brief Details of Incident:

A man entered school playground and a parent made the caretaker aware that the man was behaving strangely. She also phoned the police. School have phoned safer neighbourhood team.

The man smelt very strongly of alcohol. When challenged, he claimed he was here to pick up his child but could not
say who his child was and was asked to leave the school premises. He left the school and turned right in the direction of Danesbury Road.

Believed to be the same person who was reported earlier in the week.

Date & Time: 13/12/23 – 08:30am

Location: The Bridge (Woodbridge Park Education)

Description of person: 

Gender: Male, Age: 35-37 years, Clothing: Grey tracksuit, Notable Features: Blue eyes, referred to himself as Daniel D or Danny

Brief Details of Incident:

A stranger was reportedly talking and walking alongside parents and children. The person followed them all the way up Bedfont Lane to outside of The Bridge. He was said to be making inappropriate comments to children and people passing on the street. Appeared to be drunk or high.

Date & Time: 12/12/23 – 07:30am

Location: The Smallberry Green Primary School

Description of person: 

Skin colour: Black, Clothes: Black jacket, blue bag, wearing a hood

Brief Details of Incident:

Student got of the E8 bus at approx. 7.30am. She noticed that the man was following another woman. When he saw her get off the bus, he turned around and started following the student. He followed her all the way down the road towards the school. When she got close to the school gates he turned and walked away.

Date & Time: 07/12/23 – 11:45

Location: The Rosary Catholic Primary School

Description of person: 

Wearing grey baseball cap with an H logo. Black jacket with white hood and blue denim jeans, black and white trainers. Aged between 25-30, black hair with a moustache and goatee beard. Height 5’8” – 5’10”

Brief Details of Incident:

A man followed our nursery parents into the school drive, he was acting erratically and came to the attention of the parents who directed him to the Infant office. He asked to sing carols to the children. He was told this was not possible and he left the premises.

Date & Time: 05/12/23 – 13:30

Location: Hounslow Town Primary School

Description of person: 

Asian or possibly mixed race, wearing a dark navy/black coat with fur on the hood and holding a bag

Brief Details of Incident:

A member of the public, who lives in the flats that back on to the school playground, called the school to inform that they saw a person looking into the playground and taking pictures of the children.  The SLT attended the area but no one was seen.

Date & Time: 29/11/23 – 09:00

Location: St. Mark’s Catholic School, Hounslow

Description of person: 

A man described as Asian in his mid-40s wearing a black puffer jacket with tartan design on shoulders, rust coloured jogging bottoms, and a grey cap with sunglasses

Brief Details of Incident:

A man was seen in the top car park of the school smoking a cigarette.  When asked to leave the man refused.  The Police were called, and he was eventually taken off site and into custody.

Date & Time: 22/11/23 & 23/11/23 – 15:00

Location: Syon Lane, Isleworth – between Nishkam School West London and 66 Syon Lane

Description of person: 

He just looked tan and really old and was wearing a bright blue jacket that was long and dark gray sweatpants. His face is long and thin and quite wrinkly, it looks like he has no teeth from the shape of his lips.

Brief Details of Incident:

On 22 November 2023, a 14 year old girl & 11 year old boy crossed paths with an adult with hoody on when they were coming home after school around 3:25 pm. He made eye contact with the female girl but she just ignored it and walked home.

On 23 November 2023, they saw the same adult walking on the other side of the road & then he crossed the road & came on the same side of the road as they were walking around the similar time as yesterday. He was walking behind them.

Date & Time: 21/11/23 – 15:15pm

Location: Hounslow Town Primary School

Gender: Male, Age: mid-20s, Race: Asian, Clothing: Powder blue joggers, a darker blue hoodie, white shoes and glasses

Brief Details of Incident:

At the end of the school day a member of staff was on gate duty and noticed a man standing outside the gates.  The man had a brown cuddly toy, that he was holding and sometimes showing to the children. The member of staff asked him if he was waiting for someone, and he said that he was waiting for his cousin’s brother.

The member of staff asked for a name, but he kept saying the same thing over and over again and appeared to have additional needs. After a while he moved to the opposite side of the road, then moved on as the school gates were closed at 3.40pm.

Date & Time: 16/11/23 – 13:40pm

Location: The Blue School

Gender: Male, Age: 40s-50s, Race: Asian, Clothing: Blue Coat, Hat & With a Blue-coloured Phone

Brief Details of Incident:

Today during our weekly swim routine off-site, an Asian male (40-50) – navy coat /wearing a hat and blue coloured phone was caught filming our pupils from an H22 bus while passing the intersection near the Isleworth Car Park near the Isleworth swimming baths.

Date & Time: 16/11/23 – 07:55am

Location: Rivers Academy – Ruskin Ave, TW14

Gender: Male, Age: 70s-80s, Clothing: White and Brown Shirt, Jeans & Walking Stick

Brief Details of Incident:

Two students walking on their way to school were stopped by an older man. He was asking them questions such as:
What school do you go to?
What music do you like?

Date & Time: 16/11/23 – 08:05am

Location: Kingsley School – School gate, Cecil Road

Gender: Male, Age: Mid 30s, Race: Asian, Hair: Brown w/ Scruffy Beard, Build: 5’7″ & Stocky, Clothing: Blue Jacket, Jeans, Blue Rucksack & a Wooly Hat

Brief Details of Incident:

This man came to the gate this morning and tried to gain access. He claimed that he wanted to cut through to the shops. He was a bit agitated and kept saying ‘I have a mental condition’. He was redirected to Prince Regent Road and did not return.

Date & Time: 12/10/23 – 17:00

Location: Lampton School – Great West Road bus stop

Gender: Male (x2), Age: Mid 20s, Race: Caucasian (white), Hair: 1. Black, slicked back 2. Frizzy, tied back in a ponytail, Build: 5’9″-5’10”, Notable Features: Deep voice (slurry/ drunk), one boy had a number 13/14 face tattoo.

Brief Details of Incident:

2 Year 11 Students who had got the 111 after school yesterday towards Treaty Centre. They said there were two males in their 20s who had alcohol bottles on them and were clearly drunk on the bus. The two males had been throwing meatballs at an old lady – one of our students intervened and asked what he was doing. They then went upstairs on the bus and sat at the front, they continued to throw meatballs at the 2 girls while drinking and shouting on the bus. The girls then got off the bus at the stop before treaty Centre.

The girls had taken a picture so that they could report it to the police – the two males had chased them out of the bus and into the treaty centre with alcohol bottles in their hand. The girls ran up stairs to the Treaty Kitchen and locked themselves in the toilet. The two males chased them into the toilets and banged on the door. They 2 students said that the 2 males insinuated that they had a knife on them as they kept putting their hands down their trousers to hold something.

Date & Time: 12/10/23 – 16:30/ 16:45

Location: Lampton School – Great West Road bus stop

Gender: Male (x2), Age: Mid 30s, Race: South Asian, Hair: Black, Build: Tall, Clothing: Neon orange cargo trousers

Brief Details of Incident:

Student was at the “Great West Road” bus stop going towards Heston – She said there was a plain van and man had come out and saw her and went back in the van. She then moved along to the shops and she turned around and he was following her. The man then saw a lady walking towards the child so he walked in the opposite direction back to the van.

The student had then seen a Year 11 student from Isleworth and Syon, who she told she felt unsafe and had dropped her back to Lampton School where parents came to collect her.

Date & Time: 02/10/2023 – 09:15am

Location: The Orchard Primary School – Outside the shops at the top of Orchard Road

Gender: Male

Brief Details of Incident:

A parent phoned the school to report that a man was standing outside the shops at the top of Orchard Road asking children who were walking on their own to Heathlands School if they wanted to buy ‘weed’.

Date & Time: 28/09/23 – After 16:30

Location: Devonshire Passage/Dukes Avenue underpass (road next to our school)

Brief Details of Incident:

Reports from parents that the underpass on Dukes Avenue/leading to Chiswick House has large groups of males gathering and selling and taking drugs. Most activity happens afterschool, with reports coming in around 3 to 3.30pm and 4.30 pm.

One parent has reported to 999 on Monday, but had influx of emails from parents yesterday evening.

Date & Time: 06/07/2023 – 16:15pm

Location: Strand on the Green Infants and Primary School, Russell Kerr Close

Gender: Male x3, Age: Early/Mid 20s, Race: Black, Build: c.5’7″/ 5’8″, Clothing: Black hoodies, black & blue surgical face masks

Brief Details of Incident: 

One of our music teachers was mugged at knife point at around 4.15pm.

2 of them held him against a wall with the knife in his side and demanded his pin number for his phone. They also took his apple watch and ear pods.


Date & Time: 04/07/2023 – 13:30pm

Location: Kingsley Academy, Prince Regent Road

Gender: Male, Age: 30s, Hair: Brown, Build: Slim, c.5’8″, Clothing: Black pyjamas, Grey Dressing Gown

Brief Details of Incident: 

Two members of staff were walking by the rear school gate when a man approached them (he was wearing PJ and a grey dressing gown). He shouted out ‘ Do you want to earn some money? I have plenty of money for you’. Reported to the Senior Team to be aware on gate duty this evening.


Date & Time: 30/06/2023 – 15:40

Location: Chiswick School

Gender: Male x3, Age: 17-22 y/o, Race: N/A, Clothing: Black clothes, masks over faces, one wearing blue surgical

Brief Details of Incident: 

A Year 10 student was punched in the face. This was an unprovoked attack.

Police were directed to CCTV which has clear images of the perpetrators.


Date & Time: 21/06/23 – 3:30pm

Location: Feltham Hill Infants School – St. Dunstan’s Park

Gender: Male, Age: Mid/ Late-20s, Race: South Asian, Build: Average build/height, Clothing: Blue and white t-shirt, grey tracksuit bottoms

Brief Details of Incident: 

A man was spotted pointing his phone (and potentially filming) a number of young girls in St. Dunstan’s park playground and the surrounding fields. When confronted by parents, the man named himself ‘Abdul’ and claimed that he was ‘FaceTiming his sister in India to show her the children in the park so she could “see
what children playing in the park in England was like’. The man left soon after, but one parent suspected he may have been spotted looking into and around their house earlier that day. Police have been contacted and a report has been filed.


Date & Time: 19/06/2023 – 07:32 am

Location: Worple Primary School

Gender: Male, Age: 50+, Skin: Brown/ tanned, Clothing: White polo-shirt, dark cap, dark trousers, grey trainers, Other Features: Walked with a slight limp, heavy set build, average height.

Brief Details of Incident: 

A dog walker saw an older man approaching Worple school with a digital camera and take pictures of the nursey entrance/exit gate. He then went to reposition himself on the road, aiming his digital camera at the nursey window and taking another picture. As this unknown man saw the dog walker, he then stopped and quickly put the camera down the side of his leg so it couldn’t be seen. The dog walker, walked past but as he looked back he saw him trying to reposition his camera again but once he saw the man turn around, he again stopped. The man waited until the dog walker had walked a fair distance up the road and then took a further 4 photos – 6 in total that have been picked up on the school’s external CCTV system.

Date & Time: 15/06/2023 – 09:15 am

Location: Heston Primary School

Gender: Male, Age: 25-30, Race: Asian Descent, Clothing: Glasses, a black cap, dark tracksuit, Height: 5″5-5″6

Brief Details of Incident: 

A man entered the school site and asked office staff if they could put his knuckles back into place. He claimed he had been released from prison yesterday, had been tasered and he was drugged up. He said he had walked all the way from North London and didn’t know where he was. The man asked for a glass of water, which was given to him. Senior management team sat with the man whilst the police were called. The man was not abusive but presented with definite mental health issues. The police did not arrive but the man left after half an hour, he said he needed to get to the Great West Road.


Date & Time: 06/06/2023 – 4:45pm

Location: The Green School for Girls, Spur Road

Brief Details of Incident: 

Passer by was sat in traffic and observed a man in a Grey van attempting to speak to 3 girls from The Green School for Girls in uniform in the area of Syon Lane. She said after an exchange with the man he drove away a short distance and started taking pictures of them with his phone. She has taken a picture of the van and its registration.


Date & Time: 23/05/2023

Location: Norwood Green Junior School

Brief Details of Incident: 

An Asian man described between 60-70 years old, with white hair and a long white beard with a trimmed moustache. About 5’7”-5’9” tall, of average build wearing a black woolly hat, black puffer jacket with a hood, black trousers, and black trainers, waited at the school gate until most of the children had been collected. He then entered the school and walked towards the remaining Year 3 children.

A member of staff asked him if he could help and who was he looking for. He walked slowly towards a class without answering and he then pointed towards a pupil. The member of staff said the pupil’s name and pointed towards the man, but the pupil remained still and didn’t recognise him, the man turned around and left the school.

Another member of staff stated she has seen the man waiting before.


Date & Time: 16/05/2023

Location: Reach Academy, Feltham

Brief Details of Incident: 

8:34am – Asian male walks across the road from Aldi towards the Primary Gate and looks to try and gain entry but it is locked

8:34am – He then walks towards the main reception doors and is seen by JWO & then RHO

8:35am – Its noted the man could not speak English so PTE was asked to come out and speak to him

8:35 – 8:40am – PTE spoke to the man, her events are as follows:

“As discussed with you, this strange Asian guy came to school about 8:45 am asking to go and see his friend who apparently is a teacher teaching. He said his friend is Asian British and he wanted to meet his friend. I asked him his name, he said his name was Lovely and asked me to call his friend.

He didn’t give me his friend’s name . I tried different questions to get his friend’s name but he didnt give me a name. He said he didn’t have his phone on him to call his friend and the phone was in his van / car.

The guy was , wheatish complexion , wearing all black clothes & jacket with a black & white bandana on his head , black beard and only speaking in Punjabi or Hindi.

I told him this is a school and he might be in the wrong place. I told him there are other schools around in the area, maybe his friend works in one of the other schools but I didn’t give him any name of schools etc.”

8:41 – Leaves the main reception & then stands in the car park looking down the Primary entrance again before walking towards Fern House


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