Parent Voice

Parent Voice

A healthy parent-teacher partnership is important to us at Oriel. We want to hear your views, ideas and any concerns you may have. Please get in touch via email: or phone: 020 8894 9395.

For immediate concerns, please contact a member of the senior leadership team. Contact details can be obtained from the school office using the email address and phone number above.

Parent Survey Results

Note: the questions used for the core of our survey as the same questions used by Ofsted in their Parent View.


Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Don’t Know
 My child is happy at this school 92% 8% 0 0
 My child feels safe at this school 85% 15% 0 0
 My child is well  looked after at this school 62% 31% 0 8%
 This school is well led and managed 62% 38% 0 0
 My child is taught well at this school 69% 31% 0 0
 My child makes good progress at this school 77% 23% 0 0
 My child receives appropriate homework for their age 54% 38% 8% 0
 This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved 54% 38% 8% 0
 This school deals effectively with bullying 46% 23% 8% 23%
 This school responds well to any concern I raise 62% 15% 15% 0
 I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress 62% 38% 0 0
 Would you recommend this school to another   parent? 100% 0 0 0
Responses 13 / / /


We’d like to invite further feedback about how we can improve your child’s experience of homework and improvements we can make to the information you receive about your child’s progress.

Please be reminded that Parent View is available on the Ofsted website and we welcome and encourage all feedback. 

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