School Context

Oriel Academy is a two-form entry primary school with a Nursery in Hanworth, West London. We admit children from approximately 3.5 to 11 years of age. Our classes are organised according to age and there are normally two mixed-ability classes per year from Reception to Year Six.

In 2016, we were judged to be a ‘Good’ school by Ofsted with Personal development, behaviour and welfare judged as ‘Outstanding’.

Pupils’ progress in writing and mathematics is consistently strong across the school. Pupil’s also make significant progress in reading.

At Oriel, we harness a supportive culture that allows all of our children to flourish. Staff are dedicated to supporting the individual needs of each student. Our varied and engaging curriculum challenges all students to achieve their full academic potential.

Oriel is a welcoming, inclusive and friendly school that is well respected in the local community. The wellbeing of every child matters to us and extra care is taken to support vulnerable families.

A stable parent-teacher partnership is crucial in supporting each child’s education.  We welcome and encourage families to hold an active part in our school community and we value their views and feedback. We have an established parent-teacher association (PTA) that we work closely with to make Oriel the best school it can be.


Special Educational Needs

We are an inclusive school that strives to create a challenging yet engaging learning environment – one in which every child matters, and everyone is supported to achieve their full potential. At Oriel, we promote an atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance and respect for effort and achievement with sensitivity to the individual needs of all children.

Our special needs provision and support is led by our SENCO and supported by the Vice-Principal. Both are invested in maintaining a solid relationship with families to ensure any and all concerns about a child’s educational needs are addressed timely.

We strongly believe that early identification and intervention are paramount in supporting a child’s special educational needs. We set individual targets and strategies to identify and address their difficulties, and these targets are reviewed regularly with parents and relevant staff in line with our Special Educational Needs Policy. We have a close working relationship with outside agencies such the Hounslow Early Intervention Service and Crane Park Children’s Centre, as well as other medical services, to address the needs of children including those with sensory impairments, speech and language, motor co-ordination, learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

We run targeted interventions to support children in a range of areas, including literacy, numeracy and speech and language. All teaching assistants are trained to run a range of interventions. We have a number of TA’s who have received additional training and developed expertise in particular areas including working with children with speech and language difficulties, numeracy and phonics.

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