02 February 2021

Year Group News

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27 January 2021

Hello from Mr Clifton


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20 January 2021

Parents: Supporting Young People Online (Childnet)

Parents: Supporting Young People Online (Childnet) https://www.childnet.com/ufiles/Supporting-Young-People-Online.pdf Leaflets available in a range of other languages here https://www.childnet.com/resources/supporting-young-people-online Arabic Bengali English Farsi French Hindi Polish Punjabi…

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19 January 2021

The applications for school Nursery class are available online

The applications for school Nursery class are available online from the Council’s website: https://www.hounslow.gov.uk/info/20028/primary_admissions/74/nursery_admissions

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14 January 2021

How to Stay Calm in a Global Pandemic


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04 January 2021

Poem Created by Rhea in Elder Class.

“Christmas time is coming, all the choirs humming All the lights are bright, shining all through the night This year has been kind of strange,…

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